The course is meant for all those keen on being a part of Medical writing industry, so all graduates, post graduates and even working professionals can apply for the course and affirm a strong position in the industry. The field might sound lucrative for non-medical background personnel as well but should have passion to write. Even retired doctors’ have been seen showing interest in the field and could opt for the course to get better accustomed with the tools used.

Writing skills get better with practice and so does medical writing. The zeal to explore varied fragments of the industry and availability to do research on new techniques, treatment methods and other progresses in the healthcare industry suffice to keep the medical writer winning in the industry. It is not at a monotonous industry or work type. Regular research work about progresses in the industry is a must and thus adventurous nature would suit a medical writer.

All the technical aspects of medical writing are made clear during the course. Clinizen makes available this medical writing course as an e-course and thus the benefits it entails within are numerous.


Any Indian or overseas applicants must fulfill following criteria for enrolling into the one year Medical Writing program. The applicant must be a graduate in any life sciences or related discipline. The course will be completed over a period of one year which will include the tenure applicable for examinations as well as case studies completion.

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